1. Can I pay with a check?
    Yes, checks should be made payable to Wise Woman Herbals and sent to:

Wise Woman Herbals
PO Box 279
Creswell, OR

Be sure to place your order with our customer experience team and let them know you wish to pay by check. Your order will be shipped out once your check arrives.


  1. How much do I need to order for free shipping?
    Wholesale/Practitioner orders require $175.00 minimum purchase to qualify for free UPS Ground or US Priority Mail shipping within the Continental US.

Reseller Policy

  1. May I sell Wise Woman Herbals® products on Amazon or other internet sites?
    We tightly control our distribution channels in order to protect our professional customer, our retail consumers, and our brand. You may not resell our products on third-party sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Jet. Your application as a wholesale customer constituted an agreement to our Resale Policy and violation may result in having your wholesale account revoked. For a detailed reseller policy, contact customer service.
  2. As a wholesale customer, you may resell Wise Woman Herbals products on your own personal website. This must be the website identified on your wholesale account application.


  1. Do any of your products contain gluten or other identified allergens?
    We are not a certified gluten free facility, however the herbs and other ingredients used in our processes are naturally free of gluten. Our products are free from the major allergens of dairy, gluten, shellfish, peanut and other nuts.
  2.  Do any of your products contain genetically modified organisms?None of Wise Woman Herbals products contain GMOs. All of our products are made from non-GMO ingredients.
  3. How long after the "Best Used By" date on the bottle can you still use your products? 
    We do not recommend using any of our products past the "Best Used By" date. Extracts with low or no alcohol content do spoil like food. We have demonstrated through accelerated shelf-life studies that the concentration of active constituents decreases with the passing of time, resulting in the product losing its potency, vitality and efficacy. 
  4. What is the vitamin A and vitamin E oils in your products derived from? 
    Our vitamin E is derived from non-GMO soy and our vitamin A is derived from non-GMO palm. 
  5. What type of vegetable glycerin is used in your products?
    We use certified kosher vegetable glycerin that is also certified as sustainably sourced. Our vegetable glycerin is from palm kernel.
  6. Do I need to refrigerate this product after opening it?
    Your product does not need to be refrigerated but it is important to keep product out of direct sunlight and keep the lid on when it is not being used.
  7. Should I take your products with food?
    Most herbal products should be taken with a small amount of water 30 minutes before a meal or two hours after. This is so the herbs can be assimilated into your body without interference from digesting food, caloric intake, etc. The exception to this is that encapsulated products may be taken with food in order to facilitate their digestion and absorption.

  8. How are people with blood sugar intolerance affected by glycerin based products?
    Wise Woman Herbals vegetable glycerin is from palm kernel oil, which contains Polyol (naturally occurring sugar). Polyol is more easily metabolized by the body than is sorbitol & lycopiol and is hydrolyzed differently by the body than other more concentrated sugars. According to our supplier’s lead scientist, glycerin does not result in an insulin response.

    Read about California Proposition 65 HERE