Botanical Card Deck

Botanical Card Deck

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This deck of 25 Botanical cards offers a beautiful and fun way to learn about herbs. Each card displays a vintage illustration of the plant, the common and botanical names of the plant, and some information about plant identification or history.

Play memory games to learn your plant names or use them as a daily learning tool by drawing one card to study and research. There are so many fun ways you can use this deck. It also makes a great gift for the herbal enthusiast.

This deck is included in our Botanical Fundamentals Kit but may also be purchased separately.

Deck includes the following botanicals cards:

  1. Allium sativum - garlic
  2. Althaea officinalis - marshmallow
  3. Arctium lappa - burdock
  4. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
  5. Commiphora mukul - guggul
  6. Crataegus spp. - hawthorn
  7. Cynara scolymus - globe artichoke
  8. Gymnema sylvestre - gymnema
  9. Ligusticum porteri - osha
  10. Lycopus spp. - bugleweed
  11. Mahonia spp. - Oregon grape
  12. Rhodiola rosea - rhodiola
  13. Rumex crispus - yellow dock
  14. Sambucus spp. - elder
  15. Scutellaria lateriflora - skullcap
  16. Serenoa spp. - saw palmetto
  17. Silybum marianum - milk thistle
  18. Taraxacum officinale - dandelion leaf
  19. Taraxacum officinale - dandelion root
  20. Ulmus spp. - slippery elm
  21. Vaccinium spp. - blueberry/billberry
  22. Verbascum spp. - mullein
  23. Vitex agnus-castus - chaste tree
  24. Withania somnifera - ashwagandha
  25. Zingiber officinale - ginger

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