Introduction to the Botanical Fundamentals Kit

Sierra Thompson Nordquist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and herbalist, introduces the Botanical Fundamentals Kit from Wise Woman Herbals®. This kit was designed with the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in mind. Sierra discusses the components of the kit and how this can be utilized during functional evaluation.

The Botanical Fundamentals Kit includes:

  • 25 single Liquid Extracts
  • Product Key
  • Product Guide
  • Herbal energetics Gide
  • Deck of Botanical Cards

The Botanical Fundamentals Kit presents 25 single liquid extracts according to herbal flavors and actions on specific body systems. The educational pieces in the kit provide an overview of how those flavors and actions support normal healthy functions of body systems at a foundational level and offers formulary support to beginning herbal practitioners and even the most experienced.

Receive a bonus pamphlet written by Sierra Thompson Nordquist, NTP, CH that highlights the Herbal Actions and Applications for the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Click HERE or on the image below to get your free copy and register for a free webinar by Sierra Thompson Nordquist, NTP, CH.

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