Botanical Support for Energy and Adrenal Health

The Wise Woman Herbals® Practitioner Learning Community February event featured Dr. Glen Nagel and a discussion on Botanicals for Energy and Adrenal Health. In this discussion, Dr. Nagel spoke about the uses for licorice root, eleuthero, schisandra, wild oats and rhodiola.

Dr. Nagel, ND RH (AHG)
Glen has been a practicing herbalist and all around herbal wise guy for the last 25 years. Glen's background as an herbalist began with an apprenticeship with Herbal Ed Smith and Sara Katz, as well as Ryan Drum Ph.D. and Cascade Anderson Geller. Glen’s passion is to have students learning directly from the plants. Glen has a lifelong interest in plants and nature and believes in teaching with humor and hands-on experience. Glen is also a licensed naturopathic physician.

The Practitioner Learning Community is facilitated by Dr. Yasamine Farshad, the WWH Practitioner Education Manager, and features a different educational event each month designed to deepen a practitioners knowledge of botanicals in practice. Join us for our upcoming events.

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